Multioffices Center, oficinas de alquiler en valencia, despachos, centro de negocios en valencia.


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Multioffices Center, office rental, offices and business centers in Valencia.

Multioffices Center is a business center located in the financial heart of the city of Valencia. Today there are two locations. One in the "Moratín de Las Barcas" street and on the "Pérez Galdós" avenue. Offices for rental, equipped with all services required for the success of commercial activity. Individual offices and meeting rooms furnished and soundproof, staff available, free access to the facilities seven days a week. These offices are also equipped with security systems. Multiofficescenter is the perfect space to house the gray matter of your business. And all this near government facilities, banks and centers of decision.

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Centro de Las Barcas


The center of "Las Barcas" is located in the financial and commercial center of the city. Besides the central and most important banks, namely the "Banco de Valencia", Bancaja, BBVV, Banesto, and a broad and exclusive commercial network. Also, in its area of influence, are located statal utilities, postal centers, and municipal decision-making centers, such as the City of Valencia city council. The center of "Las Barcas" offers a privileged space. Almost at kilometer zero of the city.

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Centro de Peréz Galdós


Multiofficescenter Pérez Galdós is located in one of the inner city ring roads. A few steps from the new AVE station and close to the exit to Madrid, because of its proximity to Avenida del Cid. In addition, Pérez Galdós center also benefits from its proximity to the significant financial and trade center of the city and, secondly, does not lose a shred their ability to leave the city by the A3 dual carriageway road to Madrid or airport of Manises.

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- Reception of calls answering with your company name.
- Secretary to receive visitors and calls.
- Hot-cold air conditioning.
- Radio channels.
- Electricity.
- Office cleaned daily.
- Broadband Internet connection.
- Maintenance.


- Personal secretary
- Bilingual secretary
- Typing
- Hostesses
- Telesales operator
- Diary

(*According to the tariff)


- Telephone
- Fax
- Reception of faxes
- Photocopies
- Scanner
- Printing of documents
- Audiovisual material
- Additional card
- Directory
- Office material and courier service

(*According to the tariff)